Steering Group Members

Margaret Bishop - Fairford Community Voice (Joint Chair)
Jon Hill - Fairford Town Council (Joint Chair)
Sarah Basley - Fairford Community Voice
Richard Harrison - Fairford Town Council
Andy Doherty - Fairford Town Council
Liz Garthwaite - Fairford Resident
Assisted by: Roz Capps - Fairford Town Clerk

The Steering Group & the Town Council

Fairford Town Council Logo Fairford Town Council is the qualifying body for the preparation of the Fairford Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group will officially report to the Town Council through their representatives on the Steering Group, with occasional reports to the Town Council from non Town Council representatives.

The Town Council will receive reports at each step of the process and will approve the Submission Draft of the NDP prior to publication for consultation and submission to the local authority for independent examination.

The Town Council will retain accountability and control of the budget and requests will be made via the Town Council representatives on the Steering Group.