Election Leaflet Inaccuracy

The Fairford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group would like to point out the inaccuracy printed in the recent County Council Election leaflet by Cllr Ray Theodoulou. The proposal for the development of 80 houses off Leafield Road, following extensive consultation with Fairford residents, is included in the Fairford Neighbourhood Plan – Policy FNP 16 as a more sustainable alternative to the housing sites for Fairford proposed by Cotswold District Council in their Local Plan.

The Fairford Neighbourhood Plan is a non-political programme developed by the local community and the Fairford Town Council and has no connection with the Liberal Democratic party. In the policy it also clearly states that this development would only be considered following the introduction of adequate infrastructural improvements within the town (as per Policy FNP 7).

The plan has been submitted to Cotswold District Council

Fairford Town Council has submitted the Neighbourhood Development Plan to Cotswold District Council. The Plan has now been published in the public domain and anyone wishing to comment must do so by 5 pm on Tuesday 11 April 2017. Subsequently, the Plan will be examined independently to ensure that it meets the conditions laid out in the Localism Act and other relevant regulations.

Anyone can see the plan online or review a hard copy at:
Fairford Community centre (Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm)
Fairford Library (Monday 9:30 am to 5pm; Wednesday 9:30 am to 5pm; Thursday 9:30 am to 7pm; Saturday 9:30 am to 1pm; Tuesday and Friday closed)
Cotswold District Council’s office at Trinity Road, Cirencester (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).

Public comments will be taken into account by the independent examiner in determining whether the Plan meets the legal requirements. If it meets the Basic Conditions required by law, there will be a local Referendum and if more than 50% of votes are in favour, the Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the Development Framework which is used to decide planning applications.

The Pre-submission Fairford Neighbourhood Plan 2016 – 2031

The Pre-submission Fairford Neighbourhood Plan

Hard copies are available on request. Hard copies have been lodged at Fairford Library, Hilary Cottage Surgery and The Post Office.

Supporting Documentation:

Why do we need a Neighbourhood Plan for Fairford?

We cannot change the past but we can, and must, plan for the future.

A Neighbourhood Plan is not just about future housing, but will also look at what needs to be done for employment and business growth, roads, drainage, schools, healthcare and other facilities for ALL the community, up until 2040.

The plan must be community driven, and represent the views and wishes of YOU, the residents of Fairford. Through this, YOU will be able to influence the future of Fairford.

This Neighbourhood Plan, when agreed, will have legal force, so the Planning authority (and Planning Inspectorate) will have to take notice of it.

Click here for what is involved in a Neighbourhood Plan. Funding is provided by grants.